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Oliver Springs Middle School

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List of Potential Topics for Pen Pal Letters

  • siblings
  • pets/types of native animals
  • youngest/oldest/middle/only child
  • foods/snacks/drinks
  • favorite movies
  • favorite music
  • type of currency
  • sports
  • email address
  • social media
  • normal daily routine
  • nearby monuments/landmarks
  • clothing style/stores
  • hobbies
Good luck finishing your letters! :)

Editing Tasks

Each day this week in class we will complete an editing task. This is a paragraph with ten grammatical errors that must be corrected. We will practice the skill until Friday. Then, on Friday, the edit will be graded and entered into the grade book. This will show up on the first midterm report.

Hello and welcome to your seventh grade school year! I am Ms. Wiggins, and I will be your reading/language arts teacher. This year will be filled with learning, growing, and changing. Sometimes it will be great, and sometimes it will be really hard, but in the end it will be worth it! I look forward to meeting you and growing with you over this school year.