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6th Grade Science

Welcome to 6th Grade! 

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This week in science

Students have been reviewing all the objects in space we have learned about before Christmas break. They will have a quiz tomorrow that covers all the objects we have learned. This will be their first grade for the third nine weeks. 

This week in Science

We will continue to learn about food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids. Students will have a quiz next week. Space projects were given put last week so students should be busy working on completing them. Space projects are due Tuesday, December 5th. 

Science this week!

We just finished up with our quiz on Biomes. Students will start learning about food chains and webs next week and after the break. I will also hand out space projects today :) Students will create a model and presentation to teach the class about their object. The due date is Tuesday, December 5th. 

On the trail tomorrow! :)

We will be going on the trail tomorrow behind the school for our science lesson. Students need to wear tennis shoes and warm clothes. 

This week in Science

Students are completing an in class biome project. They started presenting today. They will learn about 7 major land biomes. Students will have a quiz next week on biomes 

This week in Science

We got back our 1st nine week tests today. We will start our new Life Science unit tomorrow. Students will be learning about seven major land biomes. They will create a biome brochure in groups during classtime. I will be taking students in the trails behind our school during this unit. I sent a letter home on Thursday explaining what the trail walks will entail. I will post the letter on my website so you can look at it if you did not receive it yet. 

This week in Science

We have just ended our engineering unit :) Students are know getting ready to have their 1st nine week test this Thursday. They were sent home with a study guide today that covers everything we learned together this year. Students are to finish the study guide for homework and we will go over the answers tomorrow in class.  Friday we will start our Life Science unit. We will learn the difference between biotic and abiotic by taking a walk on the trail in the woods behind the school. Make sure students wear tennis shoes.  

This week in Science

We are still learning about Engineering :) Students will learn about bioengineering and benefits/consequences of technology. They will have a quiz Monday that covers those two topics. 

Tremont Money

Next payment is due Tuesday, October 3rd.  Students need to pay at least $75. Please make checks out to OSMS. We will collect money in the gym  from 7:45-8:15

Quiz on Variables and Graphing

Students will be bringing their interactive notebook home this weekend so study for there quiz. They will have to read examples of experiments and pick out the variables.  They will also have to understand how to read a graph and answers questions about the graph. They have been given worksheets to help them study and they have notes in their interactive notebook. 


 Every student in 6th grade will receive their own Chromebook this year. Please buy your own ear buds.