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Oliver Springs Middle School

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About the Teacher

This is my seventh year teaching and my fourth year at Oliver Springs Middle School.  I grew up in Oliver Springs, and I still live in Oliver Springs today.  I feel so blessed to be able to work here where I grew up and call home.  I love teaching, reading, spending time with my family, and traveling.   
My Education:
  • Ed.S. in Instructional Leadership
  • Master's Degree in English Education
  • Bachelor's Degree in English Literature
  • Associates Degree in English 

Recent Posts


Parent conferences will be held tonight from 4pm-7pm! Please come see all 8th grade teachers; we will all be in Mrs. Collett's classroom for your convenience! 

"First Snow" Poem Essay

Reminder that all "First Snow" essays were due on Tuesday, January 16.  Since we did not have school on Tuesday or Wednesday, these essays are still due whenever we return to school!  Don't forget to spend some time during these days off finishing this essay, and do your best!

Field Trip

Reminder that 8th grade will go on their field trip to see The Nutcracker on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.  Students will need to make sure to be at school by 8:15, so that we can depart on time, and students need to remember their money for lunch!

End of Midterm

This week we are looking into choices made by Patrick Henry, debating whether his choices were right or not, and writing an argumentative essay based on our opinions about his choices.
Also, we are working on commas as our grammar focus.
This is the LAST week of the midterm; therefore, students will get a progress report sheet today to show their current standing in 8th grade language arts.  Please ask your kids to see this report, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

The Outsiders Movie

Reminder that the permission slip to watch The Outsiders movie is due no later than Tuesday, October 17th.  We are watching this movie in order to fulfill a state standard that states that 8th graders must read a novel, watch the movie, and compare and contrast the two.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for students to see the video adaptation of a novel that they all loved reading in class.  They will be analyzing the director's choices and writing an essay.  
If you choose to NOT allow your student to watch the movie in class, they will be given an alternative assignment to work on in a different room this week!  They will ultimately write the same essay, but they will have to write a story line for a movie of their own based on our novel first.  
Email me if you have any questions!  Hope you have all had a wonderful fall break!

Homecoming Week

Reminder that it is homecoming week!! Don't forget to dress up, bring in canned food items, and be sure to bring in $1 to have your face painted on Thursday morning! 
In English this week, we are working on verbals and figurative language.  We will have a quiz over figures of speech on Friday, September 29!  

Students will be studying conjunctions, sentence types, and figurative language this week.  Remember that figures of speech vocabulary squares must be completed by Friday, Sept. 22!  

Article of the Week / Quiz

 Reminder that your first article of the week is due tomorrow, Friday, August 25!  
Also, we will have a quiz on Monday over parts of speech, word parts, and finding the theme of a story! 

Welcome to 8th Grade ELA!

 Welcome to 8th grade English/Language Arts!  Please subscribe to this page in order to get updates about important assignments and activities going on in class each week!