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Donna Widner » Welcome to 7th Grade Science and Math

Welcome to 7th Grade Science and Math

I am excited to announce that we are trying out a new math program that I think will greatly help our students.  They will have access to lesson done each day through their Google Classroom.   Parents can log in and see what we are doing as well.   The link is                                             
Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow
Vision -OSMS faculty and staff will give best effort to ensure that students learn today to lead tomorrow.

Mission- -OSMS faculty and staff will provide a safe, positive learning environment that successfully prepares students in all areas for transition to high school.

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Week of February 12-15

Math---We will continue our study of scale and scaled models.  We will complete a Tiny House project in class using scale.
We will begin our study of asexual reproduction versus sexual reproduction.  This in not a "birds and bees" discussion.  Our standard is from a cellular point of view.  See presentations for notes we will use in classes.

Week of February 5-9

Math---I am excited to announce that we are beginning a new math program.  Students will have access to lesson done daily through their Google Classroom link.  Parents can also visit this site and do extra practice and review with their child.  We are working on scale and scale drawings of geometric figures.
Science---We will finish our discussion of of the cell cycle, or mitosis, this week.

Week of Jan. 29- Feb 2

Math---We will finish rewriting equivalent equations and begin scale models.
Science---We will finish our study of photosynthesis ---Quiz will be Wednesday.
We will begin our study of the cell cycle--mitosis.

Week of Jan. 8-12

Some students will be bringing a study guide home for the Unit 2 quiz.  They can get extra points if they explain how to get the correct answer to an adult and get that adult to sign their paper.  We will begin our adventure into the world of Algebra and look at equivalent linear equations.
We will finish up simple diffusion and begin photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

Week of Dec 11 thru Dec 15

Cell Models due Tuesday.  Cell quiz on Tuesday and then we begin diffusion and do a cool experiment with eggs.
Begin reviewing for second unit test.  
Monday---review unit rates with complex fractions
Tuesday---review proportional relationships
Wednesday and Thursday---students will be doing iReady testing
Friday----review writing equations from proportional relationships

Week of Dec. 4 thru Dec. 8

Monday--Homework Due, page 108-111 in Instruction Book, Quiz using multi-step ratios and percent problems
Tuesday---Begin Linear Equations
We will continue our study of cell organelles this week.  Reminder that 3-D cell models are due on Tuesday, December 12th.

3D Cell Model Project

Cell models are due Tuesday, December 12th.  Students can start bringing them in beginning Monday, December 11th.  Models turned in after the due date will receive a late grade.   PLEASE DO NOT SPEND lots of money on this project.  Students are supposed to be creative and come up with original ideas.I look forward to seeing their handy work!

Week of Nov. 27- Dec. 1

Science---We will begin life sciences.  Our study will begin with the cell and its structures
Math---We will be practicing proportional relationships to solve multi-step ratio and percent problems.  Simple interest, taxes, tips, commissions, and discounts.

Week of Nov. 6-10

Science----We will be finishing our discussion of the Rock Cycle and have our quiz on Wednesday.   Get your child to sing the Rock Cycle song for you.
Math-----We will be learning to write equations for proportional relationships.

Week of Oct. 23-27

Math---We are continuing to compute unit rates associated with ratios of fractions and will begin proportional relationships.
Science--We will finish our study of the layers of the earth and begin our study of plate tectonics, mountain forming, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

Week of Oct0ber 16-20

Math---We will begin unit rates using fractions as ratios.
Monday--We will finish our study of the human impact on natural resources.  Students will complete a study guide in class.  Help them review by reading over it and asking them questions.
Tuesday---Quiz on human impact.    Begin layers of Earth
Wednesday---Layers of the Earth Foldable
Thursday---Make a model of the Earth use peanut butter dough
Friday---Review and quiz on layers of the Earth

Math Quiz Thursday, Oct. 5

Study and practice adding and subtracting rational numbers, multiplying and dividing rational numbers, and problem solving with rational numbers.

Week of Oct. 2-6

We are reviewing number sense (operations that include adding,subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers, converting fractions to decimals, order of operations, multiplying and dividing fractions) and our 9 weeks test will be on Thursday.
We will begin our earth sciences unit and discuss man's impact on natural resources.

Week of Sept. 25 thru Sept. 30

We are finishing our study of variables, controls, and graphs.  Quiz will be Friday.
We will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing rational numbers.  We will be reviewing for 9 weeks quiz.