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Donna Widner » Welcome to 7th Grade Science and Math

Welcome to 7th Grade Science and Math

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow
MISSION--ALL will do what is in the best interest of students.
VISION---ALL will work toward helping students take ownership of their education and find joy in learning to become lifelong learners and leaders in an ever-changing society.
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To Receive updates about 7th grade Science, text @widnersc to 81010 and to receive updates about my 7th grade Math class, text @widnerm to 81010

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Week of November 26

We will finish our study of cellular transport and move to cell division.
We will begin our discussion of rational and irrational numbers. We will learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative integers.

Week of November 5

We will continue to explore the cell and take a closer look at the cell membrane.  No school Tuesday----go vote!  Cell models are due on Wednesday.
We will finish up our study of multi-step percentage problems with percent increase/decrease.  We will begin a review of ratios and proportions.

Week of October 22

We are continuing our exploration of cells and cell organelles.  Students have a 3-D Cell model project due November 7.  Directions can be found on my website.
We will continue with multi-step ratio and proportion problems and learn how to figure tips and taxes.

Week of October 15

Science---We will begin life sciences this week after wrapping up our unit on chemistry.  We will start with the cell theory and cell scientists and then move to cell organelles.
Math---We will extend our learning of proportions and unit rates to simple interest this week.

Week of October 1st

We will be wrapping up our study of chemistry this week.  Students will get a study guide on Wednesday to complete for the unit test on Friday.
Students are learning proportions and ratios.  We can figure them out in graphs, tables, and equations.  We will finish the nine weeks out with unit rates.

Week of Sept. 17th

Science-  we will continue our study of matter and chemistry and begin to balance equations.
Math---we will learn three ways to represent proportions and figure out constant of proportionality.

Week of Sept. 4, 2018

We will continue our study of atoms and dig into the periodic table of elements.  We will have a science quiz on Wednesday over atomic terms.
We will finish our study of scale, scale drawings, and scale factor.    We will have a quiz on Thursday.